Let Me Help You Plan Your Financial Goals in the Right Ways so that you can achieve your Financial Freedom

Financial freedom gives you freedom of MONEY and freedom of TIME  in your life. This will help you to enjoy your life with fulfillment. 

My Story

Govt School Teacher turned to Financial freedom Coach and financial advisor. To help 1,000,000 people to educate them on their personal finance  so that they can create wealth and live happy prosperous life.

Personal Finance is the important aspects in our life,. If we do one silly mistakes without understanding the value of money, it will take us many years back. Also it will take huge price from us to pay fir that mistake. Its always better to educate ourselves and aware about each concepts of money managements, so that it will help us to retire peacefully without any tension and live prosperous happy life which will help us to achieve our financial freedom. 

I know the value of freedom , I came through that pain and also enjoined that happiness of freedom when I overcome that financial struggle in my life.  I know it will take lots of courage and determination , but discipline in investment will take us to the long way. 

So I will help each individual who are struggling to do their financial planning and help them to achieve their financial freedom.

Testimony From IT Professional

Even though I worked 5 years after my MBA, and in spite of having good salary I couldn’t saved and now I am in Debt. Now I learnt the money management skills through this digital courses with the guidance of Dr. Maria

Anir Bhat, IT Professional, Mangalore.


Testimony From HR Professional

“Financial Literacy is  important to everyone, I did some mistakes in my life while selecting financial products, now this digital course helped me to overcome that and take a right decision in my life . ”

Laveena Lobo, HR Professional, Mumbai​

Mrs. Arundathi
Govt. Employee Bangalore

Lavina Lobo
HR Professional, Mumbai

Naveen Ferrao
IT Professional, Pune

Joel Dalmeida
Director of Finance, Oman

Dr Maria is a very knowledgeable person and has all the right credentials to offer insurance services in all spheres of business as well as personal and institutional finance. Since our industry has availed her services, all our staff are content as she is very helpful and clarifies all their concerns, efficiently. I commend her work and would like to wish her the very best in all her future endeavors.
Anil Rego
Managing Director Brilliant Printers Pvt Ltd, Bangalore
I would like to express gratitude on behalf of all of us at Greener Steps – GSSF Ventures Private Limited for the outstanding contributions made by Dr. Maria Pramila to the development of our company’s financial services. Maria’s passion for, and a comprehensive understanding of, every single aspect of Personal Finance and the multitude of offerings was remarkable and contagious. Her suggestions and contributions were extremely helpful; but, most significantly, she has instilled all of us here with an understanding of the real value of financial management and a commitment to creating the best system we can. We are grateful for her effort and contributions and look forward to her further input as our system comes to
Mrs. Sameera Fernandes
Director – Greener Steps

What I Do

Help Individuals and Corporates to Create Wealth and Secure their Families and Employees through strategic Financial Planning

I Learn.

Learning new skills , knowledge and upgrading ourselves help us to achieve our financial goals. I invest a lot on my education so that I can educate others and grow along with them.

I Implement.

Learning without implementing doesn’t create any value. I believe in implementing. So I learn and Implement the things so that I have an authority to teach others. 

I Educate.

Teaching is an noble profession which gives me power and  abundance in this universe. It will help us to stay humble and help others to grow. 

Need Advice?

Do you want to upgrade yourself and want to achieve your financial freedom by doing strategic financial planning?

My e-Books & Courses

Know the 8 steps of  financial freedom journey that helps you to understand the importance of financial freedom and how to achieve that through my e-Book.