About Dr. Maria Pramila

My Story

Hi I’m Dr. Maria Pramila  and I know that I have come into this world with a clear purpose and mission:

• To help 1,000,000 people to EDUCATE them on their Personal Finance so that they can Create Wealth and  live a lifestyle of FREEDOM

I truly appreciate the fact that you’re here.

I want to develop a deep virtual relationship with you.

Because I value your time here. Because I value you.

And for that, I would like to share a little about myself.

My Background

When I was in SSLC, in spite of getting good marks in my board exams, my Mom told me to stop my education and go to Bombay to do a servant job. I knew how she struggled to pay my 3 year fee from 8th std to 10th std by asking help with others.

Even if I felt very bad with my moms word, I managed to talk to her with courage and told that “I will manage my future education with my own, Don’t trouble you for anything”

I am very happy today that I kept my words today.

I completed my Doctorate, Started two business, Married. Not even asked single penny from my family and parents for that.

Everything is possible because of the determination and MINDSET.

Seeing the opportunities

I was trying to get education which is easy , take less money and complete easily so that I have to make money fast.

Finally by taking education loan completed my B.Ed., immediately started working in D.Ed. college with Rs 5000/- my first salary.


I was saving Rs. 1000 from my every month salary and investing in different plans so that I can buy good things to home. It still helped me to grow my money and could mange all my necessities and desires and fulfilled my goals .

Financial Freedom

I started looking for other opportunities so that I can earn more money and achieve my freedom.

Got an opportunity to work in Insurance company along with my Govt teacher Job.

That changed my life. The money I eared in Insurance company helped me to pursue my higher education, an helped me to start my own business down the line.

Passive Sources of Income 

Earning is one part.

Managing money is another biggest task.

Invested my money in other financial instruments which was giving me more than 15% rate of return.

That passive income helped me to fulfill all my dreams in my carrier.

I could able to bring required thigs to my home.

I could able to manage my marriage expenses without asking single rupee from my parents.

I could start business without asking money with others and taking a loan.

This gave me a freedom lifestyle to earn, spend and grow my money.


I always was striving to help others, as  I had gone through that journey.

This feeling, burning desire helped me to start my business.

This helped me complete my Ph.D. in “Impact of NGOs accountability on Social development: A study of select NGO’s in Karnataka”.

This entrepreneurship zeal helped me to be financially independent,  start different business, (even though I made a loss) Didn’t felt much because I didn’t ask money for that with others.

I think I spend that amount to get good experience so that I cant fail in future.

“Failures are the steepening stones of Success”. I believe in that.


Whatever we are today it is a gift from GOD and our Parents.

Whatever we become tomorrow is a GIFT we are giving to GOD and to our parents.

So only Learning doesn’t make you great. You have to LEARN, DO and TEACH others.

In my journey in financial services, I helped more than 250 individuals to create wealth and secure their families.

Now I have to impact more and more people.

So I am on a mission  “To help 1,000,000 people to EDUCATE them on their Personal Finance so that they can Create Wealth and  live a lifestyle of FREEDOM”

I am created my own hub Freedom2life where I can educate individuals about their Do’s and Don’ts of their personal finances so that they can educate themselves, Create wealth, Secure their families. They can life freedom lifestyle of their choice.

I know you are one of them

I am looking to connect with you so that any time I can help you in any ways of your management of your personal finance.

Feedback & Reviews

Dr Maria is a very knowledgeable person and has all the right credentials to offer insurance services in all spheres of business as well as personal and institutional finance. Since our industry has availed her services, all our staff are content as she is very helpful and clarifies all their concerns, efficiently. I commend her work and would like to wish her the very best in all her future endeavors.
Anil Rego​
Managing Director Brilliant Printers Pvt Ltd Bangalore
I would like to express gratitude on behalf of all of us at Greener Steps – GSSF Ventures Private Limited for the outstanding contributions made by Dr. Maria Pramila to the development of our company’s financial services. Maria’s passion for, and a comprehensive understanding of, every single aspect of Personal Finance and the multitude of offerings was remarkable and contagious. Her suggestions and contributions were extremely helpful; but, most significantly, she has instilled all of us here with an understanding of the real value of financial management and a commitment to creating the best system we can. We are grateful for her effort and contributions and look forward to her further input as our system comes to life.
Sameera Fernandes​
Director - Greener Steps
Financial Literacy is very important to everyone may be they are from commerce background or not. School and colleges are lacking that practical knowledge where we can do with our finances. Dr Maria helped me to do my personal financial planning, through which i am relaxed and I secured my family adequately
Naveen Serrao​
IT Professional, Pune

What Can I Do for You?

Education is the best investment to achieve your financial freedom.

Education helps you to upgrade your skill, knowledge and earn more. Are you ready for that?

I am a Financial Freedom Coach

I’m a Financial freedom Coach , educate individuals on money management.

 Educate corporate employees, about their personal financial planning, money management, awareness about different financial products, How to wisely select financial products so that help you to create wealth, secure your families so that all of you can live happy prosperous life.

Already trained students of ICAI Bangalore, Awareness about protection planning in Brilliant Printers Pvt Ltd, UK travels etc

I am a Trainer-Educator

I have created Freedoom2life Blueprint  which helps individuals to understand the role of mindset in wealth creation, How to plan your  finances so that you can understand the meaning of Money rule , and manage your finances wisely.

I am the creator of Freedom2life Mastery which gives wholistic knowledge of all parameters of Personal financial Planning. It includes, Successful Investor Mastery, Debt Management Mastery, Protection Planning Mastery, Investment Planning Mastery, Retirement planning Mastery, Income Tax planning mastery, Succession Planning Mastery etc.

These courses helps everyone to understad and take decisions on their own without depending on others.

Community building is the best part which I learnt from my mentors and coaches, where in community people will help each other so that we can grow together without any selfless moto

Need Unbiased Advice?

Financial Advisor should be a guide and coach,  who helps you in your personal financial growth. Are you looking someone like that?

I can help you to do your personal financial planning which helps you to take a right decision so that you can create wealth which gives you financial freedom in your life.