Freedom2life Courses

Freedom2life Courses

Freedom2life journey everyone like and want to live. But hesitate to take the first step. Lessons related to personal finance from Schools and Colleges is missing, So I’m on mission to help 1million individuals to create wealth and secure their families. Help them to live a happy , prosperous and joyful retirement through my Freedom2life Courses

Freeedom2life Blueprint

Freedm2life blueprint helps you to change your mindset to attract money. Know the basic Rules of Money game and steps of Financial planning that take you towards your financial goals.

Financial Health Blueprint

Financial check-up blueprint helps you to do your present financial checkup so that you can understand your present situation and take a right steps to achieve your financial goals.

Leakage Fixing Blueprint

A small leakage in tap take lot of water, same way small leakage in your money management takes all your hard earned money. So take a step to find out the sources of your money leakage , fix it immediately so that you cannot regret in future

Networth Realization Blueprint

Networth realization is the stepping stone for your financial freedom. It will help you to understand where you stand now and gives you direction where you wanted to go in future and what is the path you have to take to achieve your financial freedom

Goal Setting Blueprint

Goal Setting is the first and foremost thing that keeps us on track to plan, execute and achieve our financial freedom. This course helps you to differentiate your short term, mid term and long term financial goals

Freedom2life Masterminds

Freedom2life Mastermind will gives all the knowledge related to different topics of financial freedom. We covered all the topics discussed every week in our community.

Freedom2Life Financial Planning

121 clarity session gives you to understand your present financial situation, fix your financial goals and strategically plan your investments so that you can create wealth and secure your family without compromising and of your freedom.

Freedom2Life Mastery

Freedom2life is the One who all look forward in their life. This course will take you step by step to understand the money management systems, how to do compartment to distribute your income, and all the different masteries you should have in your bucket to get the freedom in your life,

Debt Management Mastery

Debt is the trap that take away from your financial freedom. Managing debt itself is the best lesson that take out you from debt and make you free from all those burden , tension and live a happy prosperous life.

Protection Planning Mastery

Securing yourself and your families is the first and foremost thing you have to once you have taken care of your emergency fund. Otherwise it will take away all your savings by any uncertainties.

Investment Planning Mastery

Many investment options around you makes you confusion. Selection right investment option, by diversifying investments through proper asset allocation helps you to reach your financial goals by beating inflation. This course helps you to make the right decision as per your financial goals.

Income tax Planning Mastery

We cant avoid taxes as we are living in this land, but Government has given opportunities to save tax money through some exemptions. we have to be SMART enough to find the best options and save our hard earned money by understanding the different categories.

Retirement Planning Mastery

Retirement is the best part of our life we want to enjoy without any work, tension and worries. This cant be possible by planning at the end of retirement. You have to take steps from the starting of your carrier so that easily you can create corpus for your retirement.

Successful Investor Mastery

Successful Investor is the one who learn, master and create wealth in his life. If you want to be one among those, this course will help me to reach your goal.

Succession Planning Mastery

We all want to live a legacy after our life. everyone wants to passion their property, assets to someone who will take care of them , their family and take care of their dreams. This course will help you to understand the reason behind to do your WILL and how to leave a legacy behind you.

Stock Investment Mastery

Many a times people loose their hard earned money without knowing the fundamentals of  investment. Once you master this art of Stock investment, they easily you can fulfill your financial goals. This course will helps you to understand the Do’s and Don’ts of investment in stocks

Mutual Fund Mastery

Mutual fund is one of the best option in investment products that helps you to reach your financial goals by giving good returns for long term investments. in this course you will know the benefits and precautions to take care when you are investing in mutual fund.

Passive Income Sources Mastery

One active income sources will not helps you to create wealth. So passive income sources helps you to generate multiple sources of incomes and make you retire early and peacefully by fulfilling all your dreams. Know the secrets of passive sources of income through this course.

Freedom2life Partnership Academy

Freedom2life Partner academy brings partnership in different forms to grow the company, impact more lives and creating passive sources of Income . Be a part of this academy so that we can grow together and impact the world in a positive way.